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last painting delivered! see you on the 25th???

bone a day   inkhead

working on last painting for frame central show, yikes, it’s big…need more paint… bone a day

show at Frame Central, PDX, starting this month, closing reception, July 25th, 6-8 pm  (Frame Central, 6639 SW Macadam, Portland, OR  503-245-1000)  come on by if you’re in town!!

Death’s Head Moth, gouache, 2013

nest #13, paper cut, “What the Nest Ate”, 2014

bone a day   inkhead

almost done, needs patina, I’m thinking some verdigris and some heat from the torch…, copper, 2014

bone a day   inkhead

dead bird tunnel book is now a dead bird tunnel box, wood, paper, gouache, acrylic, copper, steel, mica, painted, tunnel form, wired, riveted, patina, 2014

bone a day    inkhead

new altered “nest” book, paper, gouache, acrylic, painted, paper cut, and carved, 2014

bone a day   inkhead

just finished painting,riveting, and wiring the pages… almost done with my dead bird tunnel book/box….

bone a day  inkhead

Working on new nest, birds, moss, and slugs… Can’t get online today… Augh…

our “nurse logs” are thriving! having so much fun with these! thanks Max for the expert chain saw action… right now they’re a playground for at least four types of bees, hover flies (pollination fairies), butterflies, hummingbirds (two types), chipmunks, squirrels, wild canaries… two landscapers have taken pix and said they haven’t seen this done before (besides nature)….   next up: put out some bones for snacks…

bone a day   inkhead