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Bird bones, polymer, copper, 2014

Bone a day.

show at Frame Central, PDX, starting this month, closing reception, July 25th, 6-8 pm  (Frame Central, 6639 SW Macadam, Portland, OR  503-245-1000)  come on by if you’re in town!!

Death’s Head Moth, gouache, 2013

dead bird tunnel book is now a dead bird tunnel box, wood, paper, gouache, acrylic, copper, steel, mica, painted, tunnel form, wired, riveted, patina, 2014

bone a day    inkhead

new altered “nest” book, paper, gouache, acrylic, painted, paper cut, and carved, 2014

bone a day   inkhead

working on nest #11, dead bird tunnel book, gouache, paper, wood, fur, 2014

bone a day   inkhead

hedgehog teapot, polymer, 2014

bone a day   inkhead    photo: Courtney Frisse, photog extraordinaire

new surprises in the post… (by the fab Leslie Blackford) Teapot: Chester Malinow (equally fab artist)

my aliiums are out, aka domus apis, aka bee condo’s…

bone a day   inkhead

more music at the Dream (American Dream Pizza, PDX), The Weasels (working title??)  Sebastian Malinow, Bob Logue, John Nilsen, Jason Moore, and guest artists Tom Casciato…  8:30 pm, come have a glass of champagne with me…

bone a day   inkhead

Working on a new hedgehog teapot for mobilia …