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mermaid book pages, gouache, acrylic, colored pencil, marker, graphite, linen, paper, silk, postage stamps, 2014

Banner inspiration Janine Thechiles Terra’s “marine” thanks j!

bone a day   inkhead

Fish skeleton in progress… Note the feet fin…. Darwin fish?
Bone a day

Happy Earth Day #4! gouache, 2013

still sick… posting old stuff…

good Easter candy…. bad Easter candy, polymer, glass, garnet

bone a day  inkhead

very cool sketch by chet… want, 2014

bone a day   inkhead      artist: Chester Malinow

"Happy Holidays", said the bone fir, gouache, 2013

bone a day   inkhead

my mom gave this to me today… I did a book of “Happy Halloween” letter pages, 1971 (yikes, scary), was in sixth or fifth grade. My dad’s birthday was right before Halloween so I would make card/books for him.  ”bone a day”, warts and all….

skull puke, gouache, 2013

bone a day  inkhead    eyefun

starting my halloween accessory combo’s for the season, 2013

bone a day   inkhead

gouache, 2013, bone a day