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new bracelet, sterling silver, pyrite skulls, faceted pyrite briolettes, stones, steel, black swarovski crystal, 2013   soon to be in eyefun shop (etsy)   Love these pyrite skulls! Someone help me with shooting silver !!

bone a day  inkhead

bone a day   inkhead

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sea bones, fine silver, sea glass, pearls, shell, 2011

bone a day inkhead

spinal heart brooch, inlay seed bead pearls, fine silver, sterling silver, silk, pearls, 2012

bone a day   inkhead wendy wallin malinow

vertebrae necklace, fine silver, linen, 2011

bone a day  inkhead 

photo: huffwell

skull and twisted thorns cuff bracelet, sterling silver, glow in the dark polymer, steel, fabricated, riveted, 2011

bone a day wendy wallin malinow inkhead

bird skull and turquoise ladder necklace (2nd photo attempt), sterling silver, polymer, turquoise, nylon, hand sculpted, strung, 2012.

bone a day wendy wallin malinow inkhead

skull pick, sterling silver, pierced, fabricated, 2012, bone a day

wendy wallin malinow inkhead