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OK, so these seemed kinda holiday to me….., 2013

bone a day   inkhead

huge shroom… must be more than 10” across, mt hood, 2013

so wish my better camera was working…a cacephony of mushrooms right now…. going back up, I think

bone a day   inkhead   eyefun

shroom earrings for fair, bone a day, 2012

wendy wallin malinow inkhead

more articulated paper dolls with skull masks, gouache, 2012

wendy malinow inkhead

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mail art, a very good crop, gouache, 2012

original envelope and postcard prints, avaiable on Etsy (eyefun)


bunny and shrooms postcard, gouache, 2012

mail art originals and postcards on Etsy (eyefun)


crow on egg, mushrooms, party, gouache, 2012

mail art, original envelope and postcrd prints available on Etsy (eyefun)