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Fish skeleton in progress… Note the feet fin…. Darwin fish?
Bone a day

another, “real” photo, fish and pearls, polymer, abalone, pearls, 2013

photo: Courtney Frisse

bone a day inkhead

new spectacles!, fine silver, sterling silver, opal, jade, moonstone, cz, 2013

bone a day   inkhead

what fish ate, what fish ate, what fish ate….. paper cut, 2013

bone a day   inkhead

mr crow and his friends, polymer, fire opal, peruvian opal, sterling silver, 2011

bone a day wendy wallin malinow inkhead

fish bones necklace, sculpted, fired, patina, strung, fine silver, sterling silver, peruvian opal, aquamarine, appatite, fire opal, 2011.

bone a day wendy wallin malinow inkhead

coral nest o’ salty bones, polymer, 2012..

"Full fathom five my father lies; Of his bones are coral made…" Shakespeare

When I started this piece, I did not realize that certain species of coral have almost an identical physical configuration to bone… research involving grafts, healing properties, regeneration, and cancer fighting properties is ongoing and promising…  cool…               wendy wallin malinow inkhead

"salty bones", polymer, 2012

these will be going in my nest of “coral”

wendy wallin malinow inkhead

mermaids with skull masks and swimmer, articulated paper dolls, gouache, 2012

wendy malinow inkhead

paper dolls available on etsy (eyefun)

heads and tails necklace, polymer , silk, pearls, pua shell,sterling silver, 2012

more work for Mobilia (there are two fish skulls, I think this qualifies for bone a day…)

wendy malinow inkhead