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show at Frame Central, PDX, starting this month, closing reception, July 25th, 6-8 pm  (Frame Central, 6639 SW Macadam, Portland, OR  503-245-1000)  come on by if you’re in town!!

Death’s Head Moth, gouache, 2013

bead caps finally arrived, necklace for k, rubies, gold, vermeil, gold fill, 45” long, 2014

bone a day  inkhead eyefun

lapis, raw, discs, brass, bronze, gold fill, 2013

bone a day   inkhead eyefun

'bear landscape”, more mail art, gouache, vintage envelopes and stamps, 2014, printed postcards and original envelopes available here: eyefun

bone a day   inkhead

"Mr. Holiday Ranger and his ‘Shroom Buddies", gouache, 2014 working on new mail art that didn’t get done in time for the holidays, next year…. printed postcards and originals are available here: eyefun 

bone a day   inkhead

"arrowhead", new mail art, gouache, 2014, printed postcards and original envelopes available here: eyefun    

bone a day   inkhead

"Be Mine Mr. Squirrel", gouache, 2014, new mail art, printed postcards, and original envelope available here:  eyefun

bone a day   inkhead

"skull heart", gouache, 2014 …working on new mail art for valentines; postcards and originals available here: eyefun        bone a day inkhead


snow, ice, and wine. 2014

bone a day   inkhead   eyefun

Another, last minute giveaway!!!    Deadline to enter is December 19th, I will randomly pick a winner December 19th, midnight, PST, USA. I’d like to keep cozy with a few new followers and also thank my current followers…  I’m also celebrating a milestone in followers… so THANKS much all! The above are two choices. Pick your favorite. One is a peyote stictched  bezelled antler necklace.  The antler tip is real (not polymer this time). Antler is found and reclaimed. The other antler tip is a peyote stictched keychain. Rules: *Reblog **Follow  me or already be a follower. ***Giveaway ends December, 19th, midnight PST  ****Remember to keep your ask box open so I can congratulate you and find out your snail address.   I will repost this twice more this week (sorry) and won’t bug you after that.  Thanks so much! bone a day   inkhead   eyefun