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in a new article, 2014 author: Debbie Carlton

bone a day   inkhead

playing with my new swarovksi skull beads…
bone a day inkhead

print keeps getting better….

art: chet malinow, 2014

working on a little bones commission, shrink plastic, 2014
so cool, this is for someone that actually works ih autopsy service…
bone a day inkhead

wrap bracelet for my valentine, macrame, pierced, oxidized, sterling silver, nylon, 2014

bone a day inkhead eyefun

cool heart and arrow pin, thanks k, 2014

pin: les mirettes

new Michigan Telephone Company mail art for t pal, gouache, vintage envelope, Detroit Edison Company billing enclosed for House of God: $1.44 Due December 5, 1939… 

bone a day  inkhead  more mail art here:  eyefun


happy heart day, gouache, recycled from 2012

bone a day   inkhead

(via ringtales)

valentine jewelry for my valentines, brass, copper, silver, resin, gouache, glitter, silk, velvet, rhinestones, painted, resin, strung, 2014

bone a day inkhead eyefun

neon heaven, need some color with all the gray, swarovski neon pearls, glow in the dark thread,silk, strung, knotted…, 2014 inkhead eyefun