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another give away (gotta channel some spring somehow) is happening soon… stayed tuned!

very cool sketch by chet… want, 2014

bone a day   inkhead      artist: Chester Malinow

more studies for larger paintings, the elements, earth, gouache, work in progress, 2014

bone a day   inkhead

working on another (etsy) skull pick, sterling, pierced, finished, 2014

bone a day inkhead eyefun

working on more skull and bones for etsy commission, buyer did not want metal, a bit of a challenge, no jumps, no crimps, no chain, etc. bone a day inkhead eyefun love that my client works at an autopsy service!

in a new article, 2014 author: Debbie Carlton

bone a day   inkhead

playing with my new swarovksi skull beads…
bone a day inkhead

print keeps getting better….

art: chet malinow, 2014

working on a little bones commission, shrink plastic, 2014
so cool, this is for someone that actually works ih autopsy service…
bone a day inkhead

wrap bracelet for my valentine, macrame, pierced, oxidized, sterling silver, nylon, 2014

bone a day inkhead eyefun