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I think he’s done, maybe a poncho? polymer, fur, leather, mohair, arcrylic, glass, 2013

bone a day inkhead eyefun

almost done, needs some more clothes…. polymer, nylon, fur, elastic, 2013

bone a day  inkhead      eyefun

My first real BJD! polymer, glass, 2013. Needs paint. Tutorial: Dollhouse Project (etsy) Looks NOTHING like the tutorial. Jessica’s dolls are much more beautiful!! Mine stopped looking cute around step 3… (if you look closely, you’ll see my favorite part: his little root nestled in a bed of moss and daisies! :)

bone a day   inkhead

my first bdj (ball jointed doll)!, polymer clay, 2012… a slug decided to join the photo shoot…

wendy wallin malinow inkhead