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still sick, still posting bunny related items…

"the scream", gouache, 2013 (some people didn’t get this.. supposed to be a scared carrot, you know, of bunnies and all…)

still under the weather, about to chop my head off… reposting…

marzipan trolls for spring, cotton candy, candy eyes

bone a day  inkhead

still sick… posting old stuff…

good Easter candy…. bad Easter candy, polymer, glass, garnet

bone a day  inkhead

more bunnies, gouache, 2012

bone a day  inkhead

working on some neon peyote to cheer me up on this gloomy day…

GIVEAWAY time!!! wanna meet more new followers and also thank my current besties!! Thank you so much for all of your kind words and encouragement, not to mention all of the inspiration! Giveaway includes three of the above bracelets for a nice little stack. Sized women’s small. Can also be used on door knobs or rear view mirrors, etc. They are made of polymer, sculpted on steel riveted copper links. Rules: *reblog **follow me or already be a follower ***giveaway ends April 15, midnight PST USA ‘cause everyone needs a gift on tax day. ****remember to have your ask box open so I can congratulate you and get your snail mail. Winner will be chosen randomly. I will repost maybe one or two more times and then won’t bug you again until the next giveaway. Thanks so much! bone a day  inkhead

"where did my art mojo go?", gouache, 2014

bone a day   inkhead

my paper cuts are published!!, new book called Paper Play, Sandu Cultural Media (that’s how it’s listing on amazon…) yay! have yet to see my copy, hope it’s good…     bone a day   inkhead

april fools, gouache, 2013

bone a day   inkhead

….and more…. gouache, 2013 “very bad easter candy”

bone a day  inkhead