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Little squirrel, pingree park, Rockies, Colorado, 2014
Not sure what happened, no marks… Although there was a half eaten mushroom nearby…

critters are coming along… starting to creep me out… 2014

bone a day   inkhead

Bird bones, polymer, copper, 2014

Bone a day.

Fish skeleton in progress… Note the feet fin…. Darwin fish?
Bone a day

more,mt. hood, oregon, 2014

Making coyote “ears” (aka rats’ a**’s )

Critter decorama…

painting my forest friends (or fiends), not sure if I’m more creeped out by them or the Soprano’s reruns….

bone a day   inkhead

still painting….

bone a day   inkhead

china shard nest, polymer clay, ink, resin, 2014  (honey covered egg to come)

bone a day  inkhead