happy spring! (one day late), 2014

bone a day   inkhead

making the bacon, polymer, 2014

bone a day  inkhead

bday wrapping for someone’s 5 0 tonight….

opal-inu asked: Hello, I need a bit of help. Do you use translucent liquid sculpy? I need to know if I can use it on already painted and baked clay?

Yes, I’ve worked that way before with the liquid sculpy and then baked on painted and cured clay… what kind of paint?  you might want to test to see if it will run, etc. It kinda drips off of some 3d shapes (the tls)… It tends to blur the details a bit sometimes, but I sand well in water and then buff so it comes out better… does that help? any more questions? good luck!


test strip…

bone a day  inkhead

just cooked up some “reference” for a new project… hopefully I’ll not eat before starting my project….

antlers and velvet nest, polymer, 2014   …  starting raining, a slug was approaching, so this was the best shot…

bone a day   inkhead

working on next nest, antlers and velvet, horny egg, polymer, 2014

 bone a day   inkhead


view from the IceBox

miss the cabin….

ok, i think i’m finished with my water heart and earth heart studies… fire and air to go. I think Aristotle mentioned a fifth element, have to look that up, gouache, 2014    bone a day   inkhead