just finished painting,riveting, and wiring the pages… almost done with my dead bird tunnel book/box….

bone a day  inkhead

working on nest #11, dead bird tunnel book, gouache, paper, wood, fur, 2014

bone a day   inkhead

wood delivery by three trip Seba! you da man…. now  I have to start painting… four or five 4 x 8’ paintings…. aughh… will never finish in time… please send karma wishes…

Getting tired of sawing this hunk of metal… Will be next nest… Any volunteers to finish it??

Another view …..

Working on new nest, birds, moss, and slugs… Can’t get online today… Augh…

our “nurse logs” are thriving! having so much fun with these! thanks Max for the expert chain saw action… right now they’re a playground for at least four types of bees, hover flies (pollination fairies), butterflies, hummingbirds (two types), chipmunks, squirrels, wild canaries… two landscapers have taken pix and said they haven’t seen this done before (besides nature)….   next up: put out some bones for snacks…

bone a day   inkhead

hedgehog teapot, polymer, 2014

bone a day   inkhead    photo: Courtney Frisse, photog extraordinaire

new surprises in the post… (by the fab Leslie Blackford) Teapot: Chester Malinow (equally fab artist)

my aliiums are out, aka domus apis, aka bee condo’s…

bone a day   inkhead