still sick, still posting bunnies…  ”Rabid Rabbit”, paper clay, polymer, wool, acrylic, glass, 2013

bone a day   inkhead

still sick, still reposting old bunnies… gouache, 2013

bone a day  inkhead

my mermaid heart is on eatsleepdraw !!

still sick, still posting bunnies….  gouache, 2013

what rabbit ate, paper cut, 2013

bone a day  inkhead    more paper cuts available here: eyefun

still sick, posting springtime and bunny chestnuts…

bunny cloud, vintage south american postcard, gouache, 2013

available here  eyefun

Sick as a dog…. of course it’s the beginning of spring break and nice weather to add insult upon injury… Hello new followers and notes, you’ve cheered me up immensely….

GIVEAWAY time!! not exactly springlike, but oh well…  I’d like to meet a few new followers and also thank my current besties… Thank you so much for all of your encouragement and kind words this year. Giveaway includes three of the above bracelets for a nice little stack. Sized women’s small. Some people hang on doorknobs or rear view mirrors…They are made of  polymer stacked on riveted copper links. Rules: *Reblog **Follow me or already be a follower ***Giveaway ends April 15, midnight PST USA, ‘cause everyone needs a gift on tax day… ***remember to keep your ask box open so I can congratulate you and get your snail mail. ****Winner chosen randomly.  I will be reposting this a couple more times… sorry don’t do this often. Thanks so much! bone a day  inkhead  (also available here eyefun

bacon and egg nest, polymer, 2014 (in)organic show

bone a day   inkhead

happy spring! (one day late), 2014

bone a day   inkhead