fairy orchid, zig zag river, mt. hood, oregon… took some April showers (more like downpours) pics today on mt. hood… so wet, but the colors glowed…

Happy Earth Day #4! gouache, 2013

Happy Earth Day #3! Max is making us a couple of nurse logs… can hardly wait to plant…  they’re both about 15’ long…

Happy Earth Day #2, my own little earth boy BJD…, polymer, acrylic, fur, glass, elastic, 2013  (if you look closely, you can almost see his lil’ root…

Happy Earth Day #1, Rhododendron, Mt. Hood, Oregon, 2013

starting on my third element, air, gouache, 2014

bone a day   inkhead

Thanks, tumblr for putting inkhead on your radar today!!!
Happy Easter and/or 420 everyone !!

some new mail art for an exchange, bunny paper toy is behind hand cut, glassine window filled with glitter, gouache, acrylic, ink, pencil, 2014

bone a day  inkhead


Thanks for all who entered my little giveaway…. a winner has been found. Congrats O…! Hello new followers! Thanks for the follows. Take heart if you did not win. I can’t resist doing these.  Ideas for the next giveaway, anyone????

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Stolen Toys reunion, American Dream Pizza, PDX, this Sat. April 19th, 8:30 pm…. be there or be square…   experience the 80’s once again…